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Home Organizing Services: Helping Seniors Be Safer At Home

Posted by catherine hawley on March 7, 2011 at 8:55 PM

Seniors frequently have life-altering accidents in their own homes. These are among the most common causes of seniors having to relocate to nursing homes. Many of these occurrences are avoidable.

According to Catherine Hawley of Downsizing Solutions, "Tripping on bedspreads or floor mats often results in broken hips, requiring hospitalization, even surgery. Falling over excess furniture, boxes and laundry, or reaching for out-of-the-way items, often results in other serious injuries. Injuries can mean an end to independent living for otherwise healthy, happy and capable people. Recovery can be limited, sometimes requiring nursing and personal care. Rarely is there enough help available to remain at home. Seniors may be at even greater risk for having an overcrowded, unsafe living space. It can become a dangerous circumstance very quickly."

Since relocating her business to Northumberland several years ago Hawley, an experienced organizer, has been helping people get their homes streamlined and made safer.

"My mother set me on this path. While arranging her move I was shocked by how much she had accumulated. Electrical cords were dangerously placed. Heavy objects were stored too high. Closets and drawers required too much bending and reaching. Her home was over-full and hazardous. Together we made certain her next space was thoroughly organized and safe."

Hawley begins by helping clients sort their possessions, decide what they most want to keep and what they can give up. Discarding anything can be stressful She encourages donating, making the task easier to cope with.Next, Hawley arranges the remainder safely and systematically.

"Clients make the decisions. I do the work. No one should have to stand on a chair to reach things off top shelves. Reaching across a burning element or a crowded counter, two other danger zones, are accidents waiting to happen," Hawley said. "I situate items by how frequently they will be used."  Daily-and weekly-use items must be closest at hand and easily accessible.

Once closets and cupboards are purged and provide easy access, she places furniture for safe passage.

"Those who use walkers or wheelchairs, or are sight impaired, need wider and more open space to safely navigate their homes," she said.

Many people are physically unable to remove even clean trash such as bags, boxes and broken household goods. That, too, is dangerous, and even a fire hazard. Hawley's  Downsizing Solutions plans even include transfer of these things to landfill or recycling depots, and delivery to charities.

"For seniors, hiring someone may seem an extravagance. But the reality is that there are complex reasons why they have been unable to do it themselves," Hawley said.

"My goal is to help seniors remain in their own homes safely for as long as they possibly can. Downsizing Solutions makes that happen with affordable pricing, a one-hour free consultation and speedy, compassionate, non-judgmental services.

"I treat seniors in the very manner I'd have wanted for my mother if had she needed to hire help."

For more information contact Catherine Hawley and Downsizing Solutions.

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